My Story

“Bring Me Your Vision”

A special event is a symbol of something much larger than the event itself. It marks a milestone of life or business. It represents the character of the host as well as the importance of his or her guests. The profound value of an event comes from the way it causes us to do what everyday life does not: it brings us together and causes us collectively to consider the significance of things. Therefore, it behooves us to put great care into designing our events. They stand for us and what we value. The name of my company, Mise en Scène (which translates roughly as “set design”) refers to my belief that the surface of an event is the key to its significance, that the right design and execution of an event better enables us to appreciate what the event really stands for.

For my whole life I have loved parties and other types of special events. Since I began designing and managing them professionally in 1999, I have learned that you can’t stand inside and outside an event at the same time. You can’t be backstage and in the audience at the same time. What I do is liberate a host or hostess to become a full participant, to live the experience and significance of an event in the moment among the guests. Be the host who’s giving undivided attention to your guests.

For many events, more than pleasure is at stake. If you’re a small business owner trying to promote yourself through a special event, the impression you make can mean the difference between more or fewer clients, between financial growth and decline. If you’re a nonprofit organization trying to attract donations, your fundraising event must inspire the confidence of its guests that their money will be well used. The effect your event has on your guests will influence their opinion of you. I understand these high stakes and am passionate about helping such business owners and fundraisers to avoid the common pitfalls of inexperienced event planners: procrastination, overspending, misuse of space, and poor pacing. My work has afforded me access to the best vendors, comprehensive knowledge of the Southern California marketplace, a superb sense of space and pace, the ability to keep good relationships with suppliers and service staff, and poise in the face of emergencies.

A special event can be as complex as a theatrical production. I think of myself as like a producer and stage manager in one. If you bring me your vision, whether it be to honor a wedding or attract new clients, I will help you carry the production logistically to its final form, ensuring that the show will always go on, and with my expert surveillance giving you the freedom to join your satisfied audience and enjoy the performance you have worked to create.