Venue Selection

Selecting a unique, welcoming venue for your event is a key part of creating a memorable experience for your guests, clients and employees. Whether you are looking for a space that will serve as a “blank canvas” for your event vision, or have a very specific request in mind – like a rooftop bar or a formal ballroom – we can find your next venue space – anywhere around the world.

We will search and discover, for you the best fit for your event.  We have access to a system that gives us access to unique, interesting and even exclusive event spaces around the globe. I will work with you to understand your event vision and help you find that special venue, wherever it happens to be.

Selecting that perfect space can be intimidating; after all, how do you go about finding restaurants for 100 (or 500) people, or large venues with lots of empty space? What if your guests prefer a night club vibe? Not to mention that you might have something very specific in mind, like a rooftop in Miami or Los Angeles or an empty warehouse for corporate events. If you’re not sure how to start finding options to suit your vision, turn the stress and responsibility over to the professionals at Mise en Scene. Our dedicated, experienced event planners will find the hard-to-find, unique and interesting venues that make your event unforgettable.